The social Media Management is the process of developing, scheduling, creating, evaluating, and interacting with the information uploaded on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media management tools and services can help you automate these processes, which can save time, improve productivity, and harness the potential of your audience.
Social media plays an essential role in business. With 3.2 billion individuals on social media and 11 new users joining every second, social media management tools and services can help you access this massive audience and make conducting a social media campaign easier.

The statistics of the social media

Unlike other aspects of your business, measuring how important social media in building a growing business could be a lot changeling and hard at the same time. Here are some statistics about the importance of Social Media.

1. Social media is used by half of the world’s population (i.e. 3.8 billion people).

2. In the previous month, 45 %of customers used social media to contact a company.

3. 52% of brand discovery occurs through social media.

The importance of social Media management

Many benefits come with social media management, including:

The cost

Social media marketing is inexpensive regardless of your marketing budget. Join social networks for free, submit material, respond to user comments, and more. When compared to television and radio commercials, even paid advertisements are considered low-cost.


Social networks, such as Facebook ,LinkedIn, can reach potential customers all over the world. You can also use social media platforms, such as Pinterest, to reach for specific audience. Traditional marketing and advertising cannot be compared to social media in terms of reach or price. This is why social media management is a must for businesses.


Incorporating social media marketing into your marketing strategy allows you to significantly increase your potential customers. For example, 74% of people now use social media when making purchasing decisions. Not to mention that 80% of people receive advice about a purchase via social media.

Best Social Media Marketing Sites

Here are some of the most popular social media platforms:


With over a billion daily users, Facebook is a huge social media network. This is why agencies that provide social media management services will not only specialize within Facebook but also recommend it.

Facebook has a wide range of age groups, including men and women of all ages. Furthermore, more than half of all people in the UAE use Facebook on a daily basis, allowing you to engage with various groups of your target audience.

Facebook is excellent for creating relationships with present and potential clients from the standpoint of social media management. It can also aid in the development of brand loyalty, which can lead to increasing the sales in the future.

Facebook has a lot of different ad and content forms, from images to videos to text, which is a significant plus.
You should incorporate Facebook in your marketing strategy regardless of your industry or ambitions…


twitter, with 330 million users, does not have the same reach as Facebook. It does, however, give your company access to a set of users who interact with businesses on a regular basis. This may be advantageous depending on your target audience.

In the United Arab Emirates, about 25% of adults have a Twitter account.

Twitter, unlike Facebook, focuses more on news and two-way dialogues between users, whether they are brands or consumers. Twitter is a wonderful alternative if you want to interact with your target audience.
One of Twitter’s best qualities is its users, who are engaged and eager to interact with others. Twitter also caters to a specific demographic


Instagram has set a new benchmark for social media management services, with over a billion active monthly users. Its focus on photos and videos drives businesses to think of new methods to publish and interact with the public.

Instagram is a major platform for communicating with users between the ages of 18 and 29, as well as from 30 to 49. Nearly 65 %of those between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram, and for users between the ages of 30 and 49. They use it about 40%.
Like Facebook, Instagram is useful in establishing a relationship with consumers, as well as engaging them.

Depending on your industry, you can also use Instagram to generate new leads. That’s why it’s often used by retail, entertainment and beauty companies.

One of the advantages of Instagram is that users are very active and they love the platform itself and . This increases the chance that users will not only see your posts, but also interact with it.
For certain markets, Instagram is a must in there marketing strategy..


LinkedIn has more than 550 million users and is the world’s largest professional social network. This is why it is an excellent platform for businesses trying to hire and promote themselves as industry leaders.

LinkedIn is a popular site among college graduates, as evidenced by the fact that 50% of them have a LinkedIn profile. Even better, 90% of LinkedIn users also use Facebook, which is advantageous if your plan includes both sites.

LinkedIn, like Twitter, is a good place to share news-related information like company announcements or industry-specific news. It can also aid in the development of ties with other businesses and the enhancement of your reputation .


YouTube is accessible to more than 70% of individuals in the United States, with over a billion users. As a result, businesses are utilizing their YouTube accounts more, from generating how-to films to displaying behind-the-scenes footage

YouTube, like Facebook, has a diverse user base, ranging from 18 to 65 years old. YouTube is used by up to 40% of persons aged 65 and more, and by roughly 68 percent of those aged 50 to 64.
Your company can supply users with educational content by using YouTube. How-to videos for your products, as well as explainer videos about your industry or services, are some examples. This can help the user become more conscious of the brand.

The perks: One of the main advantages of YouTube is that it is possible to convert any user into a potential customer than any other platform even Facebook. This can lead to significant gains for your company, especially if you are offering a high-priced product.
While YouTube takes more time to grow an audience than other social media, it is well worth the investment.


Pinterest has more than 200 million users, giving businesses a strong visual focus, such as designers, clothing stores, and florists, a chance to connect with people in their target audience.

Pinterest has a strong female audience, with more than 40 percent of women – and only 16 percent of men – using Pinterest. It is also dominated by users between the ages of 18 and 49.

Pinterest is excellent for displaying your product in a non-promotional way. For example, you can highlight the uses and features of your merchandise. You can even connect with influencers to promote your products further.
One advantage of Pinterest is that users rely on it to plan future purchases, with one study finding that more than 85 percent of millennials use it for this purpose. As a result, you are in contact with consumers who are already planning to buy.

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