Content marketing is a marketing strategy used to engage an audience by creating and sharing articles, videos, podcasts, and other media.
Instead of promoting your products or services, you provide useful and relevant content to your potential customers to help them solve their problems.
This approach creates customer knowledge, enhances brand awareness, and makes your business a reference for your target audience.

What is content marketing?

It is the development and distribution of useful content such as blogs, newsletters, social media posts, emails, videos, and the like, to existing and potential customers. When done correctly, this content conveys experience and knowledge and demonstrates that the company values the people to whom it sells products or services.
Its used to establishes and strengthens relationships with existing and potential customers. When your audience thinks of your company as a partner interested in their success and a valuable source of advice and guidance, they are more likely to choose you when it comes time to make a purchase.

The importance of content marketing

It’s one of the strategies that has been demonstrated to work. It also gives you a competitive edge. Here are some key figures:

Blogs generate 67% more leads than non-blogging companies.
Before speaking with a salesperson, 47% of buyers look at 3 to 5 pieces of material.
Companies that use content marketing grow at a rate of roughly 30% faster than those who do not.
Content marketing is said to improve leads by 72% of corporate marketers.

Why should you use content marketing?

Understanding why it is important to your business is perhaps more important than understanding what content marketing is. First we need to understand the four steps of the buying cycle:

1. awareness
Customers may need the product or services before they realize that there is a solution.

2. search
Once the customer realizes that there is a solution, they will research to educate themselves. For example, a car buyer will try to find out what different types of cars there are and which one best suits his needs.

3. comparison
At this point, the customer starts comparing different products from different companies to make sure that they get a quality product at an affordable price.

4. purchase
Finally, the customer makes their decision and proceeds with the purchase.

Traditional advertising and marketing is great when it comes to steps three and four. As for content marketing, it enters the first and second stages of the buying process by raising awareness of solutions and educating consumers about a product they may not have thought of before. The returns from it can be enormous if implemented correctly.

It also provides additional advantages in that it supports other electronic platforms. It provides additional content for social media marketing and contributes to creating good content on your website which helps your website appear on search engines. In fact, for many companies, most of their efforts should be focused on SEO.

And once you have content, it’s time to tell and aware the word about it. Social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, etc., it has been proven that it’s the easiest way to promote your content. You write a post and link it to your content.

Who uses content marketing?

Research results show that the vast majority of marketers use content marketing. In fact, it is used by many giant companies in the world, such as P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and John Deere. It has also been developed and implemented by small businesses and individual stores around the world.

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